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Fairness in the workplace requires the equitable treatment of all employees - union and non-union - as well as small business owners. Everyone is entitled to a right to work, the freedom of association and a right to do business.

Unfortunately, Big Labor isn't interested in fairness; they are only interested in expanding their power and collecting more dues. To further these ends, they are promoting a number of controversial policy proposals that have gained traction thanks to their political allies.

If you're concerned about fairness in the workplace, you should know more about the issues below:

  • The Truth About “Worker Centers”

    What do you do when you’re a labor boss at a time when union membership is at its lowest point in over 50 years? Anything you can to save a sinking ship, apparently. That includes forming new union front groups called “worker centers” to pull in additional funding for unionization efforts. By forming under the guise of charitable organizations, worker centers are able to seek funding from a wider array of sources than traditional unions.

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    Micro Unions

    In a move that will tie businesses up in red tape, the NLRB is allowing labor bosses to organize "micro-unions" with as few as three or four workers. This unprecedented move will sow division and disharmony in the workplace and destroy small businesses. The only people who benefit from micro-unions are Big Labor bosses.

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  • Protecting Employees' Rights At All Times

    America's workers need protections against unfair Big Labor schemes. The Employee Rights Act, currently under consideration in Congress, guarantees secret ballots for ALL union elections. It also prevents employees from seeing their hard-earned dues paying for union political activities that they disagree with. And it offers employees the right to a choose whether or not they want continued union representation.

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    Keep Employees' Emails & Phones Secure Act

    Your personal contact information should be kept private – at all times. But the National Labor Relations Board thinks differently, setting rules to force employers to hand over email addresses and telephone numbers to Big Labor bosses. The plan: forcing you to join a union.

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  • National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

    The NLRB should be an independent, impartial body in charge of overseeing fair elections and relations between employers and unions in the private sector. But labor bosses have been working to have their allies placed on the board to accomplish administratively whatever cannot be achieved legislatively.

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    Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

    Labor bosses are undermining our national security by placing workers at the TSA in a union. Agencies dealing with threats need to be able to respond as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of Americans who are traveling. We should not give Big Labor veto authority over our nation's security.

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  • Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)

    PLAs eliminate merit (non-union) shop contractors from competing for and winning government construction projects. This policy would discriminate against more than eight out of 10 construction workers in the private workforce based solely on union membership.

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    "High Road" Contracting Policy

    This contracting policy would allow government to use its authority over how taxpayer money is spent to favor unions and their agenda by giving preference to any federal government contractor who complies with union demands.

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