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The Workforce Fairness Institute wants to hear from you because, above all, labor issues affect workers, business owners and taxpayers.

Take Action for Missouri's Right-to-Work

Below, we have crafted a letter to send to members of the Missouri legislature in support of the current state right-to-work bill.

Please take some time to read over the letter, and personalize it to fit your experience and opinions. Remember: the more personal the letter, the greater impact it will have on the legislators reading it.

Thank you for taking the time to communicate with your legislators on this important issue. Without the help of committed activists like you, our efforts to protect workers and businesses from union harassment would be much more difficult, if not impossible.

When you are satisfied with your letter, simply click the "Send" button below to have your email delivered.

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Tell The NLRB: Protect Workers From Ambush Elections

Workers are under attack as Big Labor bosses and their friends at the NLRB look to stifle their rights and force employees into unions.  This proposed “ambush” election rule will cripple workers’ rights and stifle their ability to raise concerns during election hearings. 

“Ambush” elections prevent workers from making an informed decision during union elections and speed up the process so employees only have a few weeks to make a very important decision.

Help us tell the NLRB to respect workers’ rights to a fair election process.  Please review the message to the NLRB below and click “submit” to send your comment today.

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