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The NLRB Is Trying to Ambush Your Workplace

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    The Anti-Business Agenda Of The Obama Administration

    Hector Barreto April 21, 2015 Inside Sources Anti-business policies have unfortunately become the norm for the Obama Administration. From the Affordable Care Act to Dodd-Frank, the last six years have been hard for job creators across the United States, even … Continue reading

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    Ambush Elections: A Raw Deal for Workers and Businesses

    Townhall Heather Greenaway April 15, 2015 No matter how you slice it, America’s union bosses are facing an existential crisis. And as their anxiety grows, so do the attacks against workers and small businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor … Continue reading

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    WFI Commends House & Senator Leaders For Fighting Back Against “Ambush” Elections

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                      CONTACT: Ashley Pratte April 14, 2015                         … Continue reading

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    President’s Veto Puts Big Labor Over Workers

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        CONTACT: Ashley Pratte March 31, 2015                         … Continue reading

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