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  • WFI Staff -

    Obama Labor Board At Center Of Big Labor Giveaways

    The Wall Street Journal reports that a “group of cosmetics and fragrances workers at a Macy’s store in Massachusetts are a big enough lot to try to unionize, the National Labor Relations Board decided in a ruling that could advance … Continue reading

  • WFI Staff -

    Labor (Election Mobilization) Department?

    Check out this Daily Caller article: “The Obama administration’s Department of Labor is running a social media campaign this week to encourage people to lobby Congress for a minimum wage increase – a move raising eyebrows because it is similar … Continue reading

  • WFI Staff -

    Berkley & Big Labor: Blurring The Lines Between Academia & Union Activism

    It looks like Big Labor has found yet another avenue to advance their pro-union agenda: American universities.  According to The Washington Free Beacon, “a coalition of foundations and union front groups is funding an academic post at the University of California at … Continue reading

  • WFI Staff -

    Minimum Wage Hike Challenged In Seattle

    The effort to raise the minimum wage in Seattle by a staggering 60 percent – from the current $9.32 an hour to $15 an hour – over the next several years is being challenged by a local business group, Forward … Continue reading

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