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    Big Labor’s Assault on Employee Freedom

    Hector Barreto October 5, 2015 Washington Times In yet another example of the Obama administration promoting Big Labor, the White House and Department of Labor will hold a “Summit on Worker Voice” on Wednesday to encourage unionization and promote organized … Continue reading

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    Summit on Workers’ Empowerment

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        CONTACT: Ryan Williams October 5, 2015                                                                         202-677-7060 Summit on Workers’ Empowerment Educating The Public About Workers’ Rights … Continue reading

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    Union Hypocrisy At Its Finest

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  CONTACT: Ryan Williams September 24, 2015               … Continue reading

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    The Extremist Proposals of Governor Scott Walker

    Peter Schaumber September 23, 2015 National Review The recent proposals by Governor Scott Walker (R., Wis.) to eliminate the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), end the collective-bargaining rights of federal workers, and adopt a national right-to-work law were immediately demagogued … Continue reading

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