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    The Obama Administration Stops At Nothing To Reward Union Bosses

    Hector Barreto May 14, 2015 Washington Examiner Big Labor and the Obama administration scored a big victory on May 5. It happened when Senate Republicans failed to secure a two-thirds majority to override the president’s veto of legislation that would … Continue reading

  • WFI Staff -

    The Obama Administration’s Anti-Worker, Anti-Business Agenda

    The Hill By Heather Greenaway At a time of economic uncertainty, the Obama administration continues to endorse and even promote anti-business practices. In April, a new rule by the National Labor Relations (NLRB) board came online that would significantly tighten … Continue reading

  • WFI Staff -

    WFI Responds To Senate Failure To Override Obama “Ambush” Election Veto

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 CONTACT: Ashley Pratte May 6, 2015                               … Continue reading

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    Obama’s crusade for Big Labor continues

    The Washington Examiner By Heather Greenaway Over the past several decades, organized labor has been experiencing a crisis as membership rolls continue to decline to record lows. In 2014, the Labor Department reported that union membership fell again to 11.1 … Continue reading

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